Board committees

The Audit Committee
The Audit Committee is chaired by Caroline Weber, an independent Board member. Caroline Weber has the requisite financial and accounting experience and competencies to fulfill their remit. The Audit Committee has a charter, along with a set of guidelines and a detailed schedule. The charter sets out the Committee's remit (assisting the Board of Directors in its supervisory role), composition, operations, degree of authority, responsibilities and objectives.  The Audit Committee met four times in 2017. The attendance rate was 100%. During its meetings, the Audit Committee formed an opinion on the annual and interim financial statements, and received information from the Statutory Auditors. It also obtained information on the Group's risk management and internal control. It reviewed the internal audit plan, the main conclusions of the auditor's work and the impairment test. It obtained information about the Group's risk mapping procedures and ISR politics.

 Other Committee

The Board has not established a selection and appointments committee. The Board deals directly with all questions normally the responsibility of this committee.